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Health Science Technology Education

Thank your for expressing and interest in our program. This school year promises to be busy and fulfilling. Here are some of the activities we have to look forward to:

  • Our HSTE 2 & 3 students look forward to the shadowing experiences with health care providers in our community.
  • HSTE students are anxious to teach a life-long habit of hand washing to Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade students from SSISD.
  • Our Adopt-A-Nursing Home program with Carriage House Manor will provide opportunities for students to meet and visit with residents.


Welcome to Health Science Technology Clinical Rotations. You are about to begin investigating one of the most rewarding fields of work. Not everyone who takes this class will decide that this is where they wish to spend their life's work. The objectives of this program include:

  • To encourage you to enter the healthcare field.
  • To make you aware of the many career possibilities in healthcare.
  • To educate you about what is required to be successful in various careers.
  • To assist you to make educated decisions about your career goals that will best allow you to use your aptitudes and abilities.
  • To assure fulfillment of your individual needs and the needs of the healthcare industry.

Clinical Rotations is a class designed to prepare you for a profession. You will find that the class is conducted by rather strict standards and involves requirements that may differ from other classes. This is necessary because you are preparing to become a health care provider who will be working with, and perhaps responsible for the very life and welfare of other people. Attitudes and habits developed now are very important to your future.


Many students go to school and never know why.  Very simply, it is your job.  Just as your parents work for a living, you are working at school.  Even though you don’t get money as a salary, you are receiving training and forming thinking patterns that will determine who you are and how successful you may be at reaching goals.  You are preparing for the future successes you will have in your life.

Your grades will reflect how well you work.  I am here to help you develop the potential of your mind.  You, however, must do your part.


It is important to try to establish a reasonable goal to work toward.  If you can decide that you want to achieve a certain grade, and then work for success.  You will need to budget your time so that you can complete all assigned work.  Every assignment is structured to accomplish a specific goal.  All assignments are necessary for you to complete.


 There is no text for this class.  Materials taught will come for a variety of sources.  Take good notes at all times and develop the skill of studying your notes.  Do not ask if you need to take notes for the answer will be, if you need to take notes to remember what is being discussed, take notes


Professionalism is critical for success in this class and for the success as a healthcare provider.  If you do everything with pride in the way that a professional would, you will never have reason to be criticized.


A healthcare professional is exposed to illness on a daily basis and needs to be healthy and well.  In the world of work, others count on you to be there to do a job and excessive absences are not tolerated.  Because of the nature of our study, make up work missed may be difficult or impossible.  You need to be present to gain all the knowledge possible.


I have definite ideas of what I expect of you and I know you have ideas of what you can expect of me.  If you feel there is a problem in any form, please talk with me.  I want to be fair in all my expectations and do my best to help you become your best.  Most problems in our busy lives are communication problems.  Communication is the best way to get issues solved.


It is important for YOU as the student to form expectations for experience obtained in HST 2 or 3.  You will get out of the shadowing experience what you put into it.  

Our Mission

The mission of the Sulphur Springs Independent School District is to provide students with the skills that will prepare them to adapt and excel in a fast-changing world, enabling them to lead productive lives. The district shares with parents and the community the responsibility of promoting high standards and expectations as we provide opportunities for all students within our diverse community to attain personal growth and to become lifelong learners.


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